TVP [科技券] 案例分享

案例: 廣告媒體製作



有見及此,廖先生想借助科技券計劃的幫助,開發線上密室逃脫遊戲,即使市民足不出戶,都可以享受密室逃脫的樂趣,期望能因此吸引更多新客戶。張先生透過互聯網得知我們公司,了解到我們能夠為不同公司開發人工智能聊天室,以及應用Matterport 的技術。 經過協商後,我們應用了Matterport 的技術把廖先生的密室逃脫實體店高像真地還原遊戲室的場景,玩家可以在地圖上利用Matterport的點任意移動,以及允許玩家360度轉換視覺,仿如置身場地。另外,線上版的密室逃脫能讓玩家使用人工智能的聊天室與智能機械人互動交流,解答遊戲中的問題。 廖先生透過我們申請科技券計劃後,,利用科技,成功改變經營模式,實現轉型,即使在疫情下,他的公司也能夠得到更多市民關注,更吸引不少新客戶,對廖先生日後的營運帶來莫大的幫助。

Mr. Liu runs a room escape business. Under the epidemic, most of the citizens could not go out and had to stay at home, which greatly reduced customers volume and business revenue.


Mr. Liu developed an online escape game with TVP. Mr. Liu is referred by his friend. After being explained by our professional team, he applied the technology of artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot and 3D shooting after negotiation. The 3D shooting technology is to turn Mr. Liu physical escape room into a virtual room. Players can move freely in the 3D model with 360 degrees vision as similar as reality. In addition, players can use AI chatbot in the virtual escape room to interact with AI robots and answer in-game questions. In this successful TVP application, Mr. Liu successfully changes the business model through technology. His company was able to attract more public attention and attracted new customers even under the epidemic.