TVP [科技券] 案例分享

案例: 廣告媒體製作

從事廣告媒體製作公司黃生,他在2018年8月得知 [科技券] 放寬了申請資格,他的公司剛剛成立了6個月,每月的營業額不到2萬5千。他自行提交 [科技券] 申請表。由於他缺乏申請 [科技券] 的經驗,政府多次要求他補交有關項目內各項文件及細節,花了很多的時間去處理,令他在過程中十分困惑,他正想放棄又不知道還要等多久才能審批完成。


最後他在2019年1月透過互聯網找到了我們公司,我們的專業顧問團隊,從會議中和黃生制定了一個符合他廣告媒體製公司的應用系統和流程,利用客戶關係管理( CRM ) 系統,可幫助管理超過 500 個客人的數據。CRM 裡面還有會計系統。會計系統能準確統計公司的每月收入,現金流,收支帳戶等等。項目在2019年7月獲得審批完成,項目最後能順利開展。黃生希望系統能夠幫助他的業務可以穩步向上,可在2000年擴充營業。

Mr. Wong is running a media production company. He noticed in August 2018 that there is a relaxation of TVP application. His company had just been established for 6 months, and the monthly turnover was less than $ 25,000. He submits the TVP application form by himself. Due to his lack of experience in TVP application, the government has repeatedly asked him to submit various documents and details related to the project. It took him a lot of time to process. He is very confused of the time taken for the approval to be completed.

He then found our company online in January 2019. Our professional consultation team worked with Mr. Wong to formulate the application process and propose a system that in line with his advertising media production company. By using the customer relationship management (CRM) system, it manages over 500 guests’ data. The CRM also includes accounting function. The accounting system can accurately calculate the monthly income, cash flow, income and expenditure etc. The project was eventually approved and completed in July 2019. The project can be successfully carried out. Mr. Wong hopes that the system can help his business to grow steadily and expand its business in 2020.