TVP [科技券] 案例分享

案例: 時裝店

盧小姐剛經營一間服裝公司,庫存管理系統尚未完善,因此採用較原始的管理方式,但其效率欠佳,需安排更多人手負責每日庫存的點算。令入庫, 出庫及點算貨品的業務上不但耗時並且浪費更多人力資源。有見及此,盧小姐想為公司建立電子庫存管理系統,期望能有效地提升公司日常庫存管理工作。

其後,盧小姐從科技券計劃展覽中得悉我們, 於是委託我們協助他申請該計劃。隨即,我們為盧小姐的服裝公司建立了電子庫存管理系統,該系統可以實時更新以及查看貨品出入貨記錄,尚餘貨品數目,亦可以追蹤存貨流動及計算營運成本。透過流動終端機可以進行庫存調整,傳送及盤點等功能。庫存業務變得自動化,不但方便快捷,節省營運成本,更有助減低人手出錯機會及因人手點算以帶來的不必要工作量,提高了整體營運的效益。​

Ms. Lo runs a fashion store in Yau Tsim Mong District. She manually records inventory every day, wasting a lot of time and human resources in business operations. Ms. Lo would like to establish an electronic inventory management system for the company, hoping to effectively improve the company’s daily inventory management.


Ms. Lo met us during an exhibition. Once she noticed that we provide professional consultation and TVP application services for multiple industries, she entrusted us in TVP application. We proposed an electronic inventory management system for Miss Lo’ s fashion store. The system is to update the real time inventory in-and-out records, the number of remaining goods, the inventory flow, and the operating costs. A mobile terminal is used to adjust and transmit inventory. The automation inventory is not only convenient but also cost saving. It also helps reduce the chance of human error and unnecessary workload. It also improves the efficiency of the overall operation.