TVP [科技券] 案例分享

案例: 瑜伽中心

近年來瑜伽成為了流行運動之一,瑜伽不但能雕塑身材,還能緩解壓力,調節身心,因此大受歡迎。正因如此,經營了4年瑜伽中心的陳小姐想藉此趨勢,建立會員制以及開發CRM系統(客戶關係管理系統),提升收益,吸納更多客戶和增加現有客戶的忠誠度。於是陳小姐透過不同渠道搜集有關 [科技券] 的資料,從而在互聯網上得悉並委託了我們公司幫忙申請 [科技券] 計劃。


In recent years, yoga has become a popular exercise. Yoga can not only build body shape, but also relieve stress and regulate the mind. Ms. Chan, who has been operating a yoga center for 4 years, wants to take advantage of this trend to develop a membership system and a CRM system (customer relationship management system) to increase revenue, attract more customers and increase the loyalty of existing customers. Ms. Chan then collected information about TVP from different channels. She learned about it online and entrusted our company for the TVP application.

We therefore established a membership system for Ms. Chan’s yoga center. It will keep students’ personal information and registered courses etc. Besides, we develop a CRM system to improve membership management and integrate all member information into system. It can classify guests according to members’ consumption frequency, habits, and preferences. The system will design personalized services for different types of students and identify target customers. The combination of the membership system and the CRM system will regularly send preferential promotion messages according to the characteristics of the members to increase the viewing rate and reduce the possibility of being blocked due to uninteresting messages. With the use of the above system, business can make a better relationship between business and customers, ensure their satisfaction, and explore new customers.