TVP [科技券] 案例分享

案例: 美容院

李小姐經營了一間美容中心,為不同需要的人士提供全面的皮膚、身體護理服務。可是李小姐一直以來都是以人手方式為客戶進行預約。 她表示每次員工在為客戶提供服務時,都會有客戶致電或親臨預約,令員工的工作被打斷,嚴重影響為客戶服務的質素和效率。除此之外,李小姐希望能把不同美容服務的類型分類,但人手分類方法較慢和繁瑣。



Ms. Cheung runs a beauty center that provides skin analysis, facial and body care services. However, Ms. Cheung usually makes reservation services manually. She said that employees will be interrupted by calls or appointments in person when they are providing services to customers. It seriously affects the quality of service. In addition, Ms. Cheung hopes to classify beauty services and products, but the manual classification method is slow and complicated.


Ms. Cheung therefore would like to apply for the TVP. Her friend referred her case to our company. We aim to help small and medium-sized enterprises for in different industries use technology to solve their problems with the aid of Technology Voucher Program. After meeting, we established a website for Ms. Cheung to develop an appointment and product sales platform. Guests can go online beauty services bookings and purchase favorite products. Customers can easy check the available time slots which can effectively reduce the workload of employees. Besides, customers can choose the type of service in the online reservation system. The system will automatically classify according to the customer’s options, which is easier to manage. With TVP, Ms. Cheung optimizes the company’s operation and management system, which greatly improves the efficiency of employees and procedures.