TVP [科技券] 案例分享

案例: 清潔公司

葉生經營一家清潔公司,主要為客人處理清潔上的繁複雜務,如空氣淨化,清洗地氈,家居消毒,裝修後的清潔及滅蟲服務等。 由於每位清潔工人的上下班時間,地點都不一致,加上疫情期間,預約家居消毒的客人日漸增加,導致管理員工外勤工作的行程變得繁複和混亂,如何適當地指派工作成為葉生的一大難題。


Mr. Ip is running a cleaning business. It mainly focuses on complicated cleaning tasks, such as air purification, carpet cleaning, home disinfection, post-decoration cleaning and pest control services. Due to the inconsistent working time and location of each cleaning worker and the increasing number of home disinfection booking during the epidemic, employee management has become complicated and confusing. The question of how to properly assign work has become a problem of Mr. Ip.


Mr. Ip then saw our advertisements online. He approached us and we assisted him to apply for the technology voucher and filled out the project pre-development declaration form and commitment letter. Mr. Ip therefore immediately started the project. Through our electronic management system, many administrative works are systematically managed. The system allows Mr. Ip to adopt a more systematic workflow by creating an electronic timetable of employees, which is conducive to work assignment. In addition, the system supports various mobile phone systems and provides GPS function. Employees can record their real-time attendance, the location and the time, by simply pressing the attendance button. It helps Mr. Ip to get the latest information.